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not long ago i think the people of our kind were fighting over the idea of gay merrage im not sure what happend at the end of that but now the idea of Revising the Policy on Manga Reading Sites came up.
im not all into details but heres the letter my friend linked to me.i would make a link but i dont know how .

To:  Manga Publishing Companies
Recently, manga publishing companies have been attacking online manga reading sites such as OneManga and MangaToshokan, demanding that they remove licensed works from their sites and thereby ending the functionality of the site. While it is within their rights to do so, it's also an attack on the fans of such series and a loss of revenue for them.

As fans, we want our favorite mangas to succeed. As such we buy series once we find out about them. Many of us wouldn't know anything about our favorite series if it weren't for sites like OneManga, and by not allowing the media of online communities to release their manga many people won't discover manga. By getting rid of these sites they deprive themselves of a potential revenue source.

But that's not the only issue; manga publishers are much slower at translating than the volunteers who scan and translate these chapters for online publishing. As such, most of the fans of the series are months ahead of manga publishers, and aren't willing to wait for publishers to catch up. We purchase the manga, yes, but we also like to be kept up to date, and the publishers can't keep up.

This petition is a request to manga companies. First, we're requesting that publishing companies like Shonen Jump and Yen Press give licensing rights to online manga sites and scanlators, so that these sites can continue to bring in new fans of manga series. Second, we ask that they start using fan scanlations to bring themselves up to date; increase the rate of publishing. These fan translators get chapters cleaned, translated, and published online within a week of getting the original raws. Getting this rate matched by companies would increase sales and make these sites less necessary.

If you're a fan of manga, and don't want manga sites like OneManga & MangaToshokan to disappear, please pass this petition on.


The Undersigned

thats all i got but they are makeing me angry GGGGGGGRRRRRRR!!!
im very mad
EmoAnimaieGirl Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2010
whats next takeing away animae
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July 31, 2010
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